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Numadic’s vehicle & fleet management system includes real-time GPS fleet tracking, vehicle maintenance, trip scheduling, driver oversight, and more. A complete telematics solution designed for Indian transporters.

Vehicle & fleet management is used by

Fleet operators
3pl companies
cold chain operators
Cold chain

Benefits of Numadic’s vehicle & fleet management system

Know vehicle location & ETA

Know vehicle location and ETA

View the location of your trucks & trailers. Estimate time of arrival. Track unauthorised usage & prevent theft & pilferage

Keep customers updated & happy

Keep customers updated & happy

Set up custom Points of Interest & get notified when your truck or trailer enters or leaves a warehouse or customer location.

Detect & Discourage Poor Driving

Detect & discourage poor driving

Receive notifications for rash & negligent driving. Get alerts in the event of an accident & view nearest support centres.

View Trends & Optimise Fleet Utilisation

View trends & optimise fleet utilisation

Compare vehicle performance, track mileage & identify troublesome drivers. These & insights, surfaced automatically.

Get alerts about your fleet & any incidents

Get alerts about your fleet & any incidents

Get alerts on fleet & POI activity, on the Numadic mobile app. No smartphone? Get SMS notifications & reports.

Features of vehicle & fleet management

gps tracking
GPS Tracking
See real-time vehicle location and status. Stay updated on the location of your trucks and trailers.
Temperature monitoring
Temperature monitoring
Temperature sensors will be fitted inside the trailer and connected to the GPS tracker. You’ll be notified immediately if the temperature is too high.
Pressure and humidity readings
Pressure and humidity readings
In addition to tracking temperature, Numadic’s sensors can track humidity and pressure in your trailer or container.
Create routes & trips
Create routes & trips
Create trips with specific waypoints & instructions. Find optimal routes based on traffic.
Dispatch & scheduling
Dispatch & scheduling
Assign trips to specific vehicles and drivers. Send job cards to drivers & operators.
Vehicle maintenance records
Vehicle maintenance records
Track servicing, parts, and running expenses for each asset. Get alerts for servicing, insurance and pollution certificate renewals, etc.
fuel usage and history
Fuel usage & history
Track fuel usage. Integrate with fuel card programs. View mileage & compare against the fleet.
Track tyre wear & tear
Track tyre wear & tear
Monitor tyre age and distance travelled, get alerts for tyre changes and rotations.

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Numadic’s management system works with Nubots as well as other tracking devices

The Nubot - Designed & developed by Numadic.

  • Tamper-proof, industrial grade GPS tracking device built for Indian roads.
  • Tracks location, speed, ignition, idling, and more.
  • Integrates with trailer & temperature sensors.
  • Internal backup battery.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Custom designed for India. Made in India.
Numadic's GPS tracker, the Nubot
Have your own GPS tracking device? We integrate!
Existing GPS devices may be integrated with our software. Get better insights & reports on an easy to use platform. You'll have the best of both worlds with your device + Numadic’s intelligence reporting.
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Maintain & manage your fleet on simple, beautiful web & mobile apps.

Actionable alerts and insights, delivered to you in real-time.

No smartphone? Get SMS alerts delivered to your phone.

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Numadic's fleet tracking dashboard Numadic's fleet tracking Android app

View trends and reports to optimise your vehicle management

Custom reports to manage your fleet
  • Download custom reports to analyse fleet and utilisation.
  • Trend reports and predictive reports will help you make cost-saving decisions.
  • These and other insights, surfaced automatically and delivered straight to you.

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Sensors in your reefer trucks can monitor temperature, humidity and pressure, and will signal a warning when there’s a problem.
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Track your consignments and containers through the supply chain with Numadic’s supply chain tracking solution.

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Indian transporters love our
supply chain tracking system

"My team has been using the system for four months, they could not be happier. It has improved productivity and efficiency in our organisation."

John Mazarello
Founder, City Aluminium

Simple & clear fleet tracking.
Simple & clear pricing.

Numadic's mission is to undisrupt logistics. Thus, our pricing is also simple & easy to understand. No hidden fees & no surprise up-sells.

Already have tracking devices on your trucks? No problem. You can still use Numadic, because we integrate with several 3rd party hardware providers.


GPS tracking unit
Cellular charges
Web fleet tracking dashboard
24/7 support
Lifetime warranty on hardware

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