• Overview
  • What is Numadic?

    Numadic is a fleet tracking platform for trucking, transportation and shipping companies. We build our own custom, low-cost tracking hardware (Nubot) and develop scalable, secure web based dashboards.

    Where does the name ‘Numadic’ come from?

    The name Numadic was coined from ‘Numbers’ and ‘Nomadic’. We surface key statistics of remote assets.

    Who are the founders of Numadic?

    Numadic was founded by Luke Sequeira and Deepak Kasthwal.

    Does Numadic have investors?

    Yes. Our investors are from New York, San Francisco, Bangalore & Delhi. Numadic is focused on building a strong, scalable and sustainable business.

    Why doesn’t Numadic offer it’s services to car & bus fleets?

    We are currently focused on delivering the best possible product for the trucking and freight transportation industry. Thus we remain focused on building one product and building it really well.

  • General
  • What is fleet tracking?

    Fleet tracking is the usage of technology to track the position (and other aspects) of vehicles. Usually, fleet tracking involves installing a GPS tracking device inside the vehicle. Most fleet tracking systems provide a dashboard to view the location of the vehicle on.

    What is a VTS?

    Vehicle Tracking System. VTS is an older term for fleet tracking.

    How does Numadic work?

    Numadic installs a Nubot (a GPS vehicle tracking device) on your vehicle. The Nubot sends information over a cellular network, to our servers. We process the data and send location information and other insights to your dashboard. Numadic customers can view real-time information about their fleets in the browser or through our native Android app.

    Does Numadic import it’s tracking hardware from China?

    No, we do not. Our tracking hardware, Nubot, is custom designed and built by us in India. Our team has previous experience building advanced tracking systems, including high speed, high accuracy systems for racecourses. We do not repackage cheap hardware from China or elsewhere.

    Does Numadic have a mobile app?

    Yes, Numadic has a free mobile app for Android, that you can access with your Numadic account details. The Numadic app is a native Android app - so it is fast yet uses very little data.

    Is Numadic a secure platform?

    In additional to sitewide SSL usage, we have analysed and implemented various security measures to ensure our customers enjoy a secure product experience. Additionally, the entire product is put through weekly vulnerability tests, to check for loopholes that may emerge.

    How reliable is Numadic?

    Our platform is built by experienced engineers and project managers who have worked on national and international software projects at some of the most famous startups in India, UK and Canada. Our hardware is custom designed to work in Indian climatic conditions and we do not bill for any days that the hardware does not work.

    Can the Nubot GPS tracking device be used in cars, buses & ambulances?

    Yes. But we do not sell to individual users at this time.

  • Product
  • How do I sign in?

    You need an account to sign in. If you have an account, please visit the sign-in URL provided to you in the email you received with your account details. If you do not have this email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you still do not find the email, kindly contact customer support.

    What is an asset?

    An asset can be a vehicle, such as a truck, or even a trailer. Assets typically have a Nubot installed on them.

    What is a POI?

    Point of Interest. POI is a broad term we use, for any place, or landmark. Examples of a POI could be your own warehouse, or a yard that belongs to a customer of yours. Other examples include fuel pumps, garages etc.

    How do I give my customer access to my account?

    We do not recommend sharing your access details with 3rd parties. Instead, please contact support@numadic.com to request a 3rd party access ID.

    What is the maximum number of assets that can be tracked on Numadic through a single account?

    We have tested our system for up to 10,000 assets simultaneously sending data to our system, for a single user account. We will be increasing the limit to 100,000 by early 2017.

    What types of vehicles / assets can be tracked on Numadic through Nubot?

    Primarily Numadic is used for tracking trucks, vans, & LCVs used for freight logistics. Additionally, Nubots can also track trailers, fork-lifts, scooters, buggies and indoor vehicles in warehouses and yards.