Head of Finance


Numadic is hiring a Head of Finance
We are hiring a Head of Finance to join our team in undisrupting movement. You will spend a significant portion of your time dealing with the heads of product, technology, operations and the leadership team. Your insights will lead to the development, deployment and commercialisation of our products. Your close attention to analysing the details complimented by your ability to trust and use your instinct on key decisions and strategies will be critical to Numadic’s secured growth. This role will involve maintaining our corporate forecasts, quantitative and qualitative analysis to inform strategic decisions, and responsibility for annual planning and investor reporting.

About the role:
  1. Diligent and robust financial planning.
  2. Maintaining a consistent cadence of reviews, KPI deep dives and RCAs.
  3. Owning and living in and out of financial models.
  4. Aligning with product and technology teams to ensure scalable revenue growth.
  5. Challenging and developing financial workflows and failsafes across Numadic.
  6. Staying on the pulses of budgeted versus actuals on financials.
  7. Driving alongside internal business leaders to ensure forecasts and financial targets will be achieved.
  8. Drive and lead capital financing options to support Numadic’s growth needs
  9. Work closely with internal and external investors.

Role requirements:
  1. Self-starter - Ability to inquire, understand and act using data and instinct.
  2. Strategic - Ability to develop solutions to complex strategic topics with a deeply analytical and data-driven approach.
  3. Bias for action - ability to move quickly while taking time out to review the details.
  4. Clear communicator - Ability to synthesise and clearly articulate complex information, highlighting key takeaways and actionable insights.
  5. Team player - Working mostly autonomously, yet being a team player keeping your crews looped-in.
  6. Background - Experience in Finance strategy / Finance management / technical project management / or high-growth operations experience at a startup or consulting firm.
  7. Education - MBA or engineering degree from a tier 1 / 2 college or university.
  8. Mindset - Ability to take responsibility for your life and that of your people and projects.
  9. Mindfulness - Ability to maintain practices that keep you grounded.

This is not a typical 9 to 5 job. This is startup life.
Working at a startup is about being a self-starter and pushing not just for output, but for outcomes too. We are judged by the outcomes we generate in the market and you are measured by the outcomes you generate for your team and for the company. Therefore, just showing up at work on time and leaving on time is not sufficient; actually delivering results is the minimum required performance. We routinely work long hours and it isn't uncommon for this and other roles at Numadic to push the limits. Do not apply if you aren't comfortable with the startup life.

Numadic operates at the intersection of finance and logistics.
From number one rated mobile apps to industry leading approaches to API finance and transactions, our team does what it takes to simplify movement of goods and people. But what matters even more, is that our customers love the way we do what we do and our end users have uncluttered and uncomplicated experiences.

Join Numadic
From the founders to our investors and advisors, what we share is a common respect for the value of human life and of meaningful relationships. We are full-stack humans, who work with full-stack humans and seek to do business with full-stack humans. We have turned down projects, when we found misalignment of values at the other end of the table. We do not believe that the customer is always right. We believe that all humans are equal and that the direction of the flow of money should not define the way people are treated. This is life at Numadic.