Logistics in the Uber World

2010 to 2018 saw the theatrical rise and fall of the on-demand startup model, often branded within the investment circles as ‘Uber for X’. Whether it was food delivery, laundry, household chores or dog sitting, there was an Uber for that. Banking on a fast growing smartphone user base, a hyperlocal approach to last mile … Continue reading “Logistics in the Uber World”

Goa Miles easing the burden of travel within the state?

Travelling around Goa certainly isn’t a piece of cake with rickshaws and taxis dolling out rates competing with inter-state travel prices. However, thanks to the state government’s new initiative ‘Goa Miles,’ people can now avail of cab services with just a click of a few buttons using their mobile app. Moreover, these services are available … Continue reading “Goa Miles easing the burden of travel within the state?”