GST implementation creates widening two-speed economy

The GST has driven a chasm between large enterprises who have adopted the national tax and a plethora of small businesses who remain burdened by compliance costs. Larger entities have grown market share while transitory disruptions withheld their smaller competitors. Considering that small businesses contribute to nearly half of India’s economy, a systematic bottleneck across … Continue reading “GST implementation creates widening two-speed economy”

5 trends driving sustainable supply chains

The urgent search to retract environmental damage leads inevitably to supply chains. The ecological ethos of each business, community, market, region and nation are governed by a network of supply chains. Advancing sustainable operations across these neural systems could diminish or reverse environmental liability. 1. Integrated CSR, Corporate Affairs and Procurement departments Transparency and accountability … Continue reading “5 trends driving sustainable supply chains”

Amul flags off its first refrigerated van of butter to Delhi via train

Amul flagged off its first refrigerated shipment van with 17 metric tonnes of butter from Palanpur in North Gujarat to Delhi through a milk train. The homegrown dairy giant is exploring railway as a new mode of transport as it will help reduce travel time and prove to be cost-effective in the long run. Amul … Continue reading “Amul flags off its first refrigerated van of butter to Delhi via train”

Technology spurs ethical, consumer-driven supply chains

Heightened interconnectivity quickly diminishes supply chain opacity. As consumers grow better informed and more demanding, businesses – whose operations are increasingly peer-reviewed – cautiously hedge the pitfalls of unfavourable revelations. Hence, transparency, largely facilitated by tech-enabled solutions, incentivises both innovative and ethical operating models. Technologies such as Blockchain and telematics products serve to simultaneously communicate … Continue reading “Technology spurs ethical, consumer-driven supply chains”

ICRA: Domestic CV sales to grow 6-7% in FY18

After suffering contractions in the first quarter of FY18, CV and M&HCV sales are back on track thanks in part to pent up post-GST demand bumps. Tracing the upward trajectory, ICRA estimates domestic CV sales will grow by 6-7% while M&HCV sales will jump 2-4% in FY18. Between April and June this year, CV sales … Continue reading “ICRA: Domestic CV sales to grow 6-7% in FY18”