GST implementation creates widening two-speed economy

The GST has driven a chasm between large enterprises who have adopted the national tax and a plethora of small businesses who remain burdened by compliance costs. Larger entities have grown market share while transitory disruptions withheld their smaller competitors. Considering that small businesses contribute to nearly half of India’s economy, a systematic bottleneck across … Continue reading “GST implementation creates widening two-speed economy”

ICRA: Domestic CV sales to grow 6-7% in FY18

After suffering contractions in the first quarter of FY18, CV and M&HCV sales are back on track thanks in part to pent up post-GST demand bumps. Tracing the upward trajectory, ICRA estimates domestic CV sales will grow by 6-7% while M&HCV sales will jump 2-4% in FY18. Between April and June this year, CV sales … Continue reading “ICRA: Domestic CV sales to grow 6-7% in FY18”

GST-driven freight demand hike boosts Transport Corp. India profits by 23%

Image by: India CSR TCI’s net profit recorded for July-September increased from INR 19.7 crore in 2016 to INR 25.6 crore (USD 3.9 million) in 2017. Year-on-year revenue for the same time period also increased by 16.6%. The boost is likely a result of GST driven freight demand upticks. After its July rollout, the GST-induced … Continue reading “GST-driven freight demand hike boosts Transport Corp. India profits by 23%”

3 ways India is revamping transportation systems

India’s leapfrogging economy, despite its setbacks, is clad with ambitious grit to not simply improve but overhaul existing structures in preparation for a reimagined future. The turn of 2017 witnessed the hard blow of demonetisation struck with the intention to drain the nation’s copious vaults of counterfeit and undocumented cash. Then, the long-awaited Goods and … Continue reading “3 ways India is revamping transportation systems”

Gautam Dembla: GST to change logistics network in India

Image by: Business World A contract logistics company – Spear Logistics based in Pune, which was acquired by French firm FM Logistics last year, is confident that the logistics industry in India is becoming more organised and reforms like GST will further improve the situation. Gautam Dembla, Managing Director of Spear Logistics pegs the Indian contract … Continue reading “Gautam Dembla: GST to change logistics network in India”