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New world record: Mumbai airport handles 969 flights in 24 hours

New world record: Mumbai airport handles 969 flights in 24 hours

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Mumbai broke its previous record of handling 935 flights in 24 hours by tackling 34 additional arrivals and departures between Friday and Saturday last week. This is a noteworthy feat especially because Mumbai has two runways that intersect, allowing only one to be operational at a time. Thus, safely and punctually managing a high volume of flights with just one functional runaway requires superior efficiency across the board.

A slew of private and chartered flights extended the airport’s typical quota of handling 900 flights a day. Although airport officials recall peak periods when the facility has managed 10 flights in 10 minutes – if weather conditions and a range of other variable proved ideal, at this pace Chhatrapati Shivaji International could handle up to 1,440 flights daily on a single runway.

Gatwick airport, London, handles 50 flights every hour and ranks first in the world for its single-runway, high-volume capacity. As Mumbai gears up to routinely handle 1,000 daily flights or 42, it would rank as one of several airports in second place.

As India’s budget carriers pick up competitive domestic and international routes, the nation is in a position to fly close to 400 million passengers across its skies in the next decade. If the trend holds steady, India will replace the United Kingdom as the world’s third-largest air travel market by 2030.

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