Our mission is to undisrupt logistics

We help large manufacturers and transporters optimise their logistics operations through reliable, easy to use and cost-effective logistics monitoring & coordination software. The Numadic platform helps secure over USD $560mn of freight every month (as of June 2018).


Luke Sequeira

Luke Sequeira

Goa Engineering College
Richard Maddison

Richard Maddison

Director, Data & AI
B. Engg - Brunel University

The Numadic team

Our growth-focused team works at an intensive pace with curiosity and grit. Our recruitment process is rigorous. But we look beyond rudimentary resumes for raw talent, perceptiveness, cognitive diversity and lateral thinking.

Numadic team

Numadic is a tightly-knit comunity of more than 50 engineers, designers and supply chain experts. We are a UK company, with people in London, Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and any places that serves excellent green tea. It makes sense that a community of digital nomads, should build logistics and supply chain coordination products.

We don't have a foosball or pool table and there is no chef in our office. What we do have, is a highly driven, collaborative culture of radical candour, discipline and an inexplicable obsession with making suppy chains efficient.

If you think you belong to this Numadic tribe, we would love to hear from you.

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